1st Grade Math Worksheets

Fun Filled Worksheets for Your Kids

This section consists of 1st grade math worksheets aimed at home schooling parents and teachers who care to use interesting math worksheets for their students.

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If you have been teaching 1st grade then you know how kids of this age are. They want something colourful, something interesting that appeals to their senses. Well that is exactly why our worksheets in this section are bold and beautiful.

Your tiny ones will surely enjoy the colourful worksheets containing math concepts carefully hidden in interesting games and pictures. Teaching at this level is all about enjoying the activity and letting kids have a lot of involvement in the subject. With these worksheets you will let them pour their senses into your teachings.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see them scramble over each other to be the first to complete a worksheet?

The 1st grade math worksheets in this section take care of introducing your kid to math and as per the comments we receive they are doing a great job at that.

Let’s have a look at what all is there in store for our 1st grade geeks

1st Grade Math Worksheets – Part 1

In this section the focus will be on introduction to numbers and learning by comparison. Here is a list of stuff you will see in this section. Have fun

  • Good morning Maam!

    Introduce your kid to the world of mathematics. He is going to love the way we go about it.

  • More is More Less is Less

    Introduce him to the concepts of more and less. This will get him ready for comparison session to follow.

  • Baby Steps to Counting

    It’s time to start counting. Let’s take some baby steps with your kid.

  • Tilted Upside Down

    Making counting fun with worksheets that count downwards.

  • The First Hundred

    Counting numbers up to hundred. As they say it, it’s the first hundred that matters.

  • Me Greater

    Comparison of numbers in terms of value. Fun to work with worksheets in this section are enjoyable. But be warned this for your kid, not for you


  • Order Please!

    Oh! These numbers are so naughty. Help your kid put them in order.

  • What’s the Value for My Place

    Learning the concepts of place value in a fun and interactive manner.

  • Counting Long Jumps

    Counting by ones, followed by twos, fives and tens.

Curious about the names?

Why not check the respective 1st grade worksheets page for further details.

1st Grade Math Worksheets – Part 2

This part of the grade one worksheet section deals with the following

  • Not Ordinary but Ordinal Numbers

    What are ordinal numbers? You will know here.

  • Numbers Fractured

    Introduction to fractions and some stories your kids will love.

  • Lets Sum It!

    First step to the world of addition

  • If Taken Away? Get to know subtraction here.
  • Numbers Go Round

    You had heard of merry go round. Now it’s the turn of numbers to go round or get rounded off.

  • It’s Money Honey

    And the little gentleman needs to know about it.

  • Roman All The Way

    Some roman numbers that tell the roman legacy their style.

  • Time to Learn Time

    It’s time to learn about time. Get the head start here

  • Who Follows Whom?

    Learn by fun with our patterns worksheets. Your first grader will have an enjoyable time solving the sequence riddles.

Hope this section delivers first grade math worksheets that your kid enjoys. In case you have any specific worksheet requirement then do let us know. We will try and get that to you.

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