3rd Grade Math Worksheets

It's All For Fun In Grade 3

Here we are with 3rd grade math worksheets for your kids.

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Keeping in line with our mission I can safely promise you that each of these worksheets will stimulate the young minds that work on it. This way you can be rest assured of productive time with your kids when our grade three worksheets are within reach.

In grade three it’s expected that students go to the roots and understand the basic concepts of the mathematical topics. The level of complicacy takes a north ward move starting with third grade.

On one hand in this grade you will need to provide the young minds enough stimulation through continuous practice of old concepts that have been covered earlier, while on the other they must be introduced to newer concepts at a break neck speed. Some of these new concepts will form the back bone of future mathematical curriculum.

Let’s have a look at the subtopics on which we have arranged our math worksheets for third grade.

3rd Grade Math Worksheets – Part 1

As a starter to grade three math worksheets these will get you warmed up.

  • Placing the Value

    By now students must have got a hang of place values and mathematical problems on them. In this section we will take that learning further and build upon what has been learnt earlier.

    Even if the concepts of place value are not well rooted in your kid studying in third grade, you will find this worksheet useful and engaging as we have a bottom up approach where we slowly build upon the confidence level of the student through proper planning and design of math worksheets.

  • Comparing and Ordering Gets Bigger

    Let’s get a little bigger in the numbers we deal with for comparing and ordering. Its third grade and its time to take on the big numbers like the big boys do. Here the ideas behind the worksheets are very much similar to the previous grades but then the numbers used will be bigger than that used earlier. There will be progressive increment so that it’s fun for you and your kid.

  • Counting by Jumping

    Have you ever observed your kid jump instead of walk? Oh, Boy! Doesn’t he enjoy it? That is exactly how he is going to enjoy this section on counting by numbers that are more than one. This is very critical for the mental arithmetic capability of the student and the more comfortable he becomes at this stage, the better it is for his future as a math student.

  • Path for Addition Goldmine

    Addition is a fundamental operation in any level of mathematics. To build skill in adding numbers in various forms is important at an early stage for the student. Here we will have 3rd grade math worksheets that are thoughtfully planned to provide ample scope for improving addition skills for your kids in more than one ways.

    We will cover addition math exercises based on sentences, solving through calculator and mental addition of big numbers.

  • Path for Subtraction Goldmine

    Similar to the various ways of presenting addition problems, in this section you will find multiple types of subtraction problems. These problems in the worksheets will be disguised as among words and other formats. It’s going to be exciting for your kid to master the basic skills of subtraction through our third grade math worksheets.

  • Round to Estimate

    Rounding off a number to the nearest 100 or thousand is so very important in our daily life. For estimation purposes this becomes very important that the student understands how to round off the numbers. Rounding off is a skill used to improve the speed of calculation in higher grades where a slight deviation in the answers might not be fatal but the time saved can be a great compensation factor for the same.

  • Multiplication Factory

    Well the heading says it all. Tons of multiplication third grade math worksheets that will get your kid humming his way to super prowess as far as multiplication is concerned. Multiplication facts, basic explanations and fun way to memorize and work out multiplication tables, its all there.

  • Big World of Division

    Here again we have done all the hard work to get you exciting division exercises in a simple, easy and presentable manner. We will cover division facts up to 12 and we will do that while your kid enjoys the magic of division through our innovative math worksheets.

3rd Grade Math Worksheets – Part 2

Now we are all warmed up. Here's a list of exciting worksheets awaiting to join in the party.

  • Deep into Fractions

    Here your kid learns about a part of the whole that we otherwise call as fraction. The young adult will shake hands with one fourth and one eighth among others. Just warn him one half is a rusty fellow, so better take care. You will see how the fractions behave with each other sometimes getting together by addition and other times separating via subtraction.

  • Dodging Decimals

    …and they thought you will never discover them. Little did they know that armed with our practice 3rd grade math worksheets you and your child are ready to unravel the mystery of decimals. So what’s the delay for. Let’s get on with the decimal hunt.

  • Facts for your Big Consumer

    This is the perfect stage to get your child aware of consumer maths in an interactive style. Just check out the set of worksheets dedicated to this subject.

  • Marching Ahead with Time

    Concepts of time are not new at this point of time for sure. However the math worksheets of this section will provide some revision exercises along with spanking new time based worksheets for third grade for your child. Check them out when you are ready.

  • Metric – What’s That?

    No no no…

    I am not telling you yet. You got to check this out right away.

  • Gimme-a-try says Geometry

    Here you will find colourful members of the geometry family ready to welcome to their world of shapes, sizes, angles and what not. They have promised that you will have a good time in their world else I will part terms with them.

  • Mix-n-Match, The Roman Way

    How do you think a roman number greet an Arabic number? Well I don’t know and am just eager to check that out with you in these 3rd grade math worksheets on roman numerals.

  • Sequence of Patterns

    Let’s get immersed in the fun filled world of patterns and sequences with 3rd grade math worksheets over here.

Hope you and your kid have a lot of fun filled experiences with our math worksheets.

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