5th Grade Math Worksheets

For Fun and Learning

5th grade math worksheets for your geek that will help him stay way ahead of the crowd.

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Be it simply for practicing old concepts or easily learning new ones our unique math worksheet designs will give your learning program a big boost.

As a part of the 5th grade curriculum your kid will be exposed to a lot pf measurement exercises here among other topics. When I say measurement, I refer to the gamut of calculations that pop up pertaining to measurement of time, mass, volume and length. Some of the math worksheets will be dedicated to brushing up your child’s knowledge on the metric system.

Apart from measurement, there are way many more worksheets on various topics that you will find useful for a fifth grader.

Here’s a list of all the fifth grade math worksheets we have for you out here

5th Grade Math Worksheets – Part 1

  • Place Value Worksheets

    By the time your child gets into fifth grade he must be more or less aware of the place value concepts. In these worksheets we stretch the envelop to expand the scope of numbers that your kid deals with. For fifth grade the worksheets will revolve around 6 digit numbers.

  • Comparing and Ordering

    Your baby will use his comparing and ordering skills from previous years to tackle 4, 5, 6 and 7 digit numbers.

  • Addition

    5th grade math worksheets in this part cover addition of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 digit numbers. One of the star attractions of grade five addition worksheets is that you will get word based addition problems. With this your kid is getting into the big league of addition.

  • Subtraction

    Very similar to addition worksheets in the fifth grade, subtraction exercises will cover the operation for 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 digit numbers. Word based problems are new and something that you must look forward to.

  • Rounding and Estimating

    How about rounding off to the thousandth place, or better still the ten thousandth place. Or may be you look at the bigger picture and want to have worksheets to round off to the one hundred thousandth place. You will find all of them out here.

  • Multiplication

    You are really getting on well with the learning curve through our worksheets. The multiplication section has problems built around three and five digit numbers. Some worksheets include mathematical problems expressed in words.

  • Division

    Step by step division examples pave way for division math worksheets involving 4, 5 and 6 digit numbers. Get to know the facts of division by 10 and 100 as well.

  • Fraction

    Now is the time to explore the full potential of fractions. Addition, subtraction, conversion to mixed numbers, GCF, LCM, simplification of fractions, LCD, multiplication and division of fractions are some of the things your kid will get his hands dirty with in this section.

  • Decimals

    Like fraction worksheets in fifth grade you will discover the entire array of operations being carried out on decimal numbers. Some of the interesting stuff lying ahead includes decimal place value worksheets, decimal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division worksheets. You will find some rounding off worksheets as well.

5th Grade Math Worksheets – Part 2

  • Percent

    Juggle between fractions, decimals and percent.

  • Measuring Time

    Your child gets a handful of exercises covering almost every basic aspect of time measurement skills. Dabbling with seconds, minutes, hours and days is made easy and fun with our exciting checklists.

  • Metric Measurement System

    Rub shoulders with metric worksheets. Know them better with our grade five math worksheets.

  • Measure of Mass

    Its time to let your kid know about the pounds and ounces. Do it in style with these worksheets.

  • How Long is it?

    Yeah, we are talking of length measurement. There’s a lot more here than that meets the eye.

  • What About the Area?

    You know the basic shapes. Now let’s find out how much area they would occupy if kept in your cupboard. Square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, cube and prism; they all know how smart your child is.

  • Oh! That’s Voluminous

    Have you ever wondered about the volume of that football your kid plays with? Take a look around this section on this website for some easy to follow volume based worksheets. Get to know how to find the volume of basic shapes like cube and prism.

  • Measuring Temperature

    May be its too cold to be out of home. Why not warm up a bit with our 5th grade math worksheets carrying temperature measurement problems. Here you will find worksheets on various units of temperature and their relationship with each other. This part is huge. Just check ‘em out.

  • Street Smart Consumer

    Money math worksheets for the street smart young man of tomorrow.

  • Glimpse of Geometry

    Your kid is goanna love playing around with the triangular shapes while he learns how to identify and name them.

  • Math Expressions

    Math expressions or equations as they are popularly known as form the mainstay of mathematics lessons in higher grades. This section on math expression worksheets will get things off the ground. Enjoy it.

  • Lets Read Stats

    Introduce your kid to the all important subject of statistics with our 5th grade math worksheets. It’s important for the future executive in your kid, so let’s do it in style.

  • Addition Across The Number line

    So far it was all addition of positive numbers. But now its time to move across the border and get familiar with addition of positive and negative numbers.

Hope you have a lot of fun with all these fifth grade math worksheets. We put in a lot of time and thought into designing our math worksheets. The ultimate goal is to give you and your kid practice sheets that aid in his wholesome development as far as math is concerned.

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