6th Grade Math Worksheets

For Easy Learning

So you are looking for 6th grade math worksheets for your child.

Let me tell you that this is the place with an exhaustive and innovative list of sixth grade worksheets that will enhance the learning experience of your child.

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In the sixth grade quite a few new concepts are taught to the student. So if not done properly in an engaging manner then the teaching may not result in the expected or required results.

To facilitate quick and effective learning you got to take help of resources that make learning fun and enjoyable and that is where we pitch in with our sixth grade mathematics worksheets which have a unique style of providing math exercises.

6th Grade Math Worksheets – Part 1

  • Place Value

    The numbers get bigger and bigger as your move up through the grades. In sixth grade you will find your kid playing around with six and seven digit numbers. Our sixth grade math worksheets cover the six and seven digit place value problems in such a way that your geek enjoys solving those problems.

  • Comparing and Ordering

    Sixth grade math worksheets contain comparing and ordering exercises that involve six and seven digit numbers. Here we will get into comparing fractions and decimals as well. It’s got to be a lot of fun dealing with integers and ordering them in sequence. Did you know how the values of negative integers vary?

  • Addition and Subtraction

    By now your kid must have gained a lot of skill for basic addition and subtraction. In these sixth grade math worksheets our effort will be focussed on adding a couple of more feathers to his cap. Addition problems involving up to seven digit numbers will help him build upon his strengths. This section is also aimed at helping these young minds become familiar with complex word based addition and subtraction problems.

  • Rounding and Estimation

    Free math worksheets in this section are aimed at rounding up to 10000th place. Some exercises would cover rounding of decimal numbers. Get your kid ready for estimation exercises based upon addition and subtraction of rounded numbers.

  • Computation

    If you have been looking for 6th grade math worksheets on computation facts then this is the place for you. Our computation 6th grade math worksheets bring in the best of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts to you and your kid. Check them out when you are ready for it.

  • Fractions There’s a lot of stuff out here. You will find worksheets on basic arithmetic operations involving fractions with same and different denominators. We have got conversion worksheets which will help your kid learn the relationship between fractions and mixed numbers. Apart from these there are exercises on composite and prime numbers, GCF, LCD, LCM, fraction multiplication, division, reciprocal etc.
  • Decimals

    Welcome to the cozy world of decimals. Yes, it’s cozy out here because the worksheets make learning about decimals an easy affair. Worksheets include concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication division, rounding and comparing of decimals. Check them out.

  • Percentage

    Introducing students to percentage has always been a challenge. So this time round we have taken the challenge and risen up to the task to get you math worksheets that cover the percentage concepts in an entertaining way. You will find math worksheets that cover conversion of percentage to fractions and vice versa, conversion of percentage to decimals and the other way round, comparison of fraction, whole numbers and percentages among others.

  • Ratio

    Free worksheets introduce the basics of ratio to sixth graders. They will get started on the right foot with our unique exercises. Cross multiplication concepts will be covered in these worksheets.

6th Grade Math Worksheets – Part 2

  • Consumer Math

    This is where the sixth graders get a real feel of maths used outside their schools and curriculum. Discounts, commissions, mark up, sales tax, simple interest, principal, unit price, cost price and selling price are some of the terms students will learn about. Our way of exercising their brains is sure to ring a bell or two when they hear these worlds in real life.

    Who said math cannot be interesting?

  • Measurement

    In the 6th grade math worksheets on measurement we cover a gamut of concepts. Some of them are metric system, temperature, mass, length, volume, area, circumference and time. The worksheets are organized in an easy to understand manner. The idea is to provide a good platform and vast learning experience in the field of measurements.

  • Geometry

    There are a number of branches of mathematics and one of the oldest and most prominent of all is geometry. It’s kind of fun to work with our worksheets in this section because they include a lot of shapes. Identification of triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, angles of these shapes, complimentary and supplementary angles all are a part of these section. Lot to be explored here I bet.

  • Trigonometry

    Now this is a big fish and getting started on the right note is very crucial for good basics and performance in higher grades. Don’t press that panic button though, as we are going to help you breeze through trigonometry. But first things first. Let’s start with the introduction.

  • Integers

    Dealing with numbers is nothing new for your kid, isn’t it? But here it’s not only about the numbers rather about the numbers and there distant cousins. Yes we are talking of integers that involve positive as well as negative integers. Check the funny integer worksheets covering absolute value, sum, multiplication, division and comparison.

  • Expressions

    In physical world there are numerous forms that a mathematical problem takes up. They are often presented in the form of expressions. This is the place dedicated to getting your kid started with expressions, equations, inequalities and any such thing that is important at this stage.

  • Statistics

    You will find worksheets on all the topics you could think of for sixth grade statistics. Topics include mean, average, mode, median and range. Some glimpses of permutation and combination are included with a special introduction to probability.

  • Scientific Notations

    When your child grows older and sticks to a career in science he will come across scientific notations. So it’s better to get him introduced to the scientific notations at this stage. You will find the process easier with our 6th grade math worksheets.

Hope you enjoy the 6th grade math worksheets in this website and have a good time teaching the concepts to your kid. I am sure your child will respond positively to our uniquely designed math worksheets for grade six.

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