Halloween Worksheets

It’s darker and Scarier than you think

Behind the doors of darkness lie halloween worksheets.

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Whoooo! Dare you enter the zone of the dark? It’s Halloween; time for the other world to reign supreme.


Now that you got in here let me reveal a big secret. There is a lot of knowledge and fun, lying within this page. But then only the brave who takes the challenge of solving the questions here get to have it all.

Do you think you will survive the gut wrenching Halloween worksheets here?

If you think you have what it takes to solve a math question or two, if you have the audacity to stare at a math problem straight in the eyes, if you know solving math riddles is your second nature, then dive in for the adventure of your life time.

But let me warn you of the dark spirits roaming around. To start with here are the deadliest of them


She has been haunting this page right from the time I thought of uploading this. She is deadly. She is devastating. She is scary. She is merciless. There is one thing, only one, which she is afraid of.

Know what?

The Algebra Czar!

The powerful algebraic mind that can rip apart her web of algebra problems. If this sounds like your brain then come on. Slay this witch forever.


She is old and a bit tired, but enjoys the fun of scaring a few here and there. She loves freaking out in the Halloween night to see for potential candidates to play a prank on. If you love the idea of taking on arithmetic problems then she is not somebody you should be worried about.


The most annoying of the lot. You will see her in various shapes and sizes, ever changing her physique and look. The fact that she takes up a triangular shape on some days while a circular on others will leave you spell bound. You got to be a master to take control of this one.

Now those were the three I wanted to warn you about.

Does that mean that is all I will see here?


Even I got to have some fun with you. That’s why I will let you explore the rest out here. You will be surprised at whom you bump into in this Halloween worksheets section.

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